Early Childhood Education Professionals
Early childhood educators that work with young children are teachers, not babysitters. There is no such thing as babysitting. When you are with young children they are learning from you whether you are teaching intentionally or not, so yes, that makes you are a teacher!

Being intentional in your work with young children is one of the most important jobs on the planet! You are creating learning dispositions in each child, helping them learn and understand how to manage themselves, approach learning situations, and problem-solve the challenges. The results of your work, time, energy and compassion, affect us all as these children grow and become productive or unproductive members of our society.

You are a professional. As you know, society has not typically supported early childhood professionals with the wages and educational access truly needed yet you continue to devote your heart and energy to our children.

Children are always learning, from what we do and from what we don’t do. Let’s be intentional about what we do at all times and recognize the truth; that we are teaching every moment that we are with them!
To my great delight, after 30 years, we are finally experiencing the attention of some policy makers as they realize what we in early childhood have known for years. The first five years are a critical time for young children, as their experiences and learning during that time set the foundation for their entire lives!

Let’s show the policy makers that we are professionals and the degree of seriousness and compassion with which we approach our work with children. Incorporating Early Learning Standards, establishing developmentally appropriate assessment systems and following best practice strategies are just a few of the pieces that we must understand and embrace in our quest for an Early Childhood Workforce that receives the wages and respect it so richly deserves. This is fundamental in reaching our ultimate desired outcome: the highest quality of education for our children!



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