MERI Services
MERI provides resources and solutions that facilitate an environment where learning opportunities, creativity, engagement and problem-solving are fostered and strives to profoundly and positively impact every student, teacher, and administrator.  MERI currently offers curriculum, coaching, and training services that will help your organization reach its goals and free up your teachers to do what they do best.  MERI also offers a product line of materials and resources that support early childhood professionals working with preschool and primary aged children.


MERI Resources
MERI offers quality resources to support teachers and administrators in their work with children.  These resources include a variety of materials from learning keys to resource guides, curriculum units, lesson plans, organizational classroom forms, educational books, and children's literature.

Who We Are

MERI's purpose is to empower adults to help children learn and grow successfully and reach their full potential!  Whether you are a school administrator, program director, teacher or family member, our desire is to provide quality resources that you can count on.  We strive to offer information and resources that answer your questions or share options, increase your understanding of children and educational systems, and simply provide practical resources that increase your efficiency and free time!

Meet Jennifer Mercer

MERI President
Jennifer Mercer, President of Mercer Educational Resources, Inc. (MERI), has over 30 years of professional experience in education as a teacher, national NAC master trainer, director, principal, college instructor, state trainer and consultant.  Ms. Mercer earned her B.A. from National University in education and her M.A. in Elementary Education (emphasis in Early Childhood Education) from the University of New Mexico.  She holds a New Mexico K-8 Instructional Leader License, a New Mexico K-12 Administrative License and NM State Trainer certification at Level 2.  In her role at MERI, she has developed a variety of resources that facilitate adult education about the learning and development of children and that support early childhood professionals in their daily work.
Ms. Mercer is dedicated to excellence in educational programs and fostering children’s positive learning dispositions.  Her own children are grown, and she is the proud grandmother of a delightful four year old grandson!

Mission Statement
Empowering adults to empower children!

Vision Statement
MERI strives to be an international provider of exceptional, innovative educational resources that empower educators, families, and children.

We strive to help and support all adults in their understanding, appreciation and facilitation of children’s developmental growth and learning.
We offer resources to aid educators and administrators in supporting children’s learning through developmentally appropriate practices.
We respect that children have their own individual learning processes, approach and timelines.
We value empowering adults to understand and joyfully support positive learning dispositions.
We encourage community knowledge and involvement in early learning and recognition of its tremendous impact.